Many people today are disoriented and lost in search of genuine fellowship. Often their lives are either too superficial or shattered by brokenness. Their work often is dehumanizing. They long for an experience of genuine encounter with others, for true fellowship. Well, is this not precisely the vocation of a parish? Are we not called to be a warm, brotherly family together? Are we not people united together in the household of God through our common life? Your parish is not mainly a structure, a geographical area or a building. The parish is first and foremost a community of the faithful. This is the task of a parish today: to be a community, to rediscover its identity as a community. You are not a Christian all by yourself. To be a Christian means to believe and to live one’s faith together with others. For fellowship to grow, the priest’s role is not enough, even though he plays an essential role. The commitment of all parishioners is needed. Each of their contributions is vital. – Pope St. John Paul II

New Parishioners

New Parishioners are always welcome and encouraged to join the Parish. If you are new to the Parish please introduce yourself to Fr. Johnson before or after Mass. Don’t be shy! Even better make an appointment to meet with him to discuss your previous experience of Parish, and how you can enrich Good Shepherd Parish. You can learn about the Parish from this web site. The history of the Parish, and a photo tour of the Church is found in About Us. Important information for new parishioners is found below.
Parish registration

Registration forms are found on the bulletin board in the connector. Completed forms can be dropped in the collection basket, brought to the rectory during business hours, or mailed back to us. Even better give it to Father before or after Mass and introduce yourself. Do not forget to call your former Parish if you were registered to tell them that you are changing Parishes.


We encourage you to receive Parish Envelopes. Envelopes are mailed every two months. It takes a while for the envelope company to send out an initial set of envelopes. In the mean time we will give you a set of blank envelopes to use. If after a few months you still have not received your envelopes please call to tell us. Also with every mailing some Parishioners do not receive their envelopes because of mistakes made by the envelope company. They are aware of this, and send us blank envelopes. If you do not receive your envelopes please call the rectory, we can give you a blank set, and you can write in your envelope number. Be certain to memorize your envelope number or write it down.

For Sunday mass only the front and back doors of the connector along with the center door of the Church are opened. The two side doors on the front of the Church are never opened, nor are the door on Slade Street. For many Parish events outside of weekend Masses only the back door of the connector is opened for security reasons.

Good Shepherd Parish is a bi-lingual community with both English and Portuguese speaking Parishioners. The Parish is clearly more English than Portuguese, but nonetheless the Portuguese form a large segment of the Parish. Most services and events at Good Shepherd are bi-lingual with the focus upon English.

Daily Mass is not celebrated in the main Church. Instead it is celebrated in a chapel off of the main Church which was the sacristy. It seats about 40 people. Access to the chapel is from the Saint Joseph or south side of the Church. The sacrament of Penance is also celebrated in the chapel as well as Eucharistic Adoration.

Good Shepherd Parish has the facilities or buildings to support an active Parish. Even though the Parish is called Good Shepherd the name of the Church is still Saint Patrick. We are Good Shepherd Parish at Saint Patrick=s Church. The Church hall is found in the lower Church. It can seat 300 people with a full kitchen and stage. Between the Church and the Rectory is a new building called the connector because it connects the Rectory and the Church. This building houses bathrooms, elevator, and an internal stairwell to the Church. Since it is between the Church and rectory these facilities function for both buildings. Our Religious Education classrooms are located under the rectory, and also in the Hall. The classrooms under the rectory can only be accessed through the Connector. We also have a Conference Room in the connector. The Rectory contains living facilities for our Pastor as well as the Parish Office. Entrance to the parish Office is through the South Main Street entrance to the Rectory.

Parish Ministries

Please check the Parish calendar or bulletin for upcoming meetings and events.

Holy Rosary Sodality

Respect Life

Prayer Blanket Ministry

Food Pantry

Prayer Line/Prayer Book


Youth Group

Bible Study

Prayer Group